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16 email tips to increase your readers experience

For marketers email has become an important medium, which is been used more and more. When it is used wisely, it can enhance communications, improve business reputation and increased sales opportunities. However, when it is used problems and complaints can occur and in some cases resentment for the business.

Following the release of the CLIM8 Personal Email Server, we have created the following 16 tips to make your readers experience much more positive.

1.    Opt-in, Opt-out
Always ensure your have permission from the precipitant before the email is sent, and always ensure you have an easy opt-in, opt-out, and refer a friend options. Send them a welcome email with what they can expect from you and explains how often they will receive your emails.

2.    Build targeted mailing lists
In B2B marketing this is essential. Make sure the content is relevant to the people in your list.

3.    Sign up to newsletters
Sign up to other newsletters, get ideas, let them be your muse but do not copy!

4.    Rule of Thumb
Don’t send emails more than once a week or less than once a month. They have been many research projects into what day of the week is best to send, but none are conclusive. Test your email; see which is best for your readers.

5.    Create and use email templates
Once you have sent an email keep the layout and design for consistency. This is your email presence and your readers will be able to easily recognise you.

6.    Personalise
Make sure the email is personalised to your reader, even if it just “Dear Joe” at the beginning of the copy.

7.    Problem solve
Highlight problems your readers and target audience are experiencing and highlight your solutions with this. But remember, it is not a sales pitch.

8.    Be an expert
Provide top reasons, tip for, and how to articles for your field. Teach them something new and they will come back for more!

9.    Short and sweet!
Don’t overwhelm your reader with tonnes of information, keep your emails short and sweat with links through to more information. Don’t forget the normal rules of writing for the web, don’t use CAPITAL letters it may look like you are shouting, don’t mix and match how you highlight text, and don’t underline unless it is a link.

10.    Offer choice
Choice has quickly become important. Give them the choice and input into future content and topics for discussion.

11.    Event/ further reading recommendations
Partner with other companies and arrange to re-direct readers to events, further reading and solutions, around
the topic discussed in the communication.

12.    Clear call to action
Make your call to action clear and more importantly easy or risk losing the readers interest.

13.    Preview and test before sending
Always preview your email, check the links works, and search for spelling and grammar mistakes. Does you email start with good content, and the readers name?

14.    Keep content and ideas
Keep a folder on your computer full of ideas and content for future emails. If you get an idea, type it up briefly and save it! You never know when you’ll need that little bit of inspiration when the deadline is approaching.

15.    Encourage feedback
Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, it is a wonderful thing! Make it easy for readers to send you feedback and read those ‘out of office’ replies you get to learn more about your readers!

16.    Watch numbers
Always measure your emails. How many were sent? What is the click-through rate? Is a specific slot in your email always generating more leads or an improved click-through rate? All these types of numbers will help you find out and provide the content your readers like!


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