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5 benefits of going Green

Achieve greater efficiency, new business opportunities and create a competitive advantage without increasing the cost - by making your company “greener” with a CRM. 

As we all become environmentally conscientious, we want our businesses to become more environmentally friendly. While you are searching for alternative energy sources and ways to decrease your carbon footprint, don’t forget to take the first step to becoming ‘greener’ by using your resources wisely.

Being "green" has never had a higher profile, with many companies from banks to retailers now advertising their green credentials. The environment, your customers, and your organisation all receive benefits from this strategic approach.


Your customers win because they will enjoy that 'feel good factor' when they are using your products, the planet wins due to lower resource use and increased recycling, and your organisation benefits due to...

Orange Bullet Point Decreased organisational costs
Orange Bullet Point Improved business reputation
Orange Bullet Point Increased PR opportunities
Orange Bullet Point New business opportunities
Orange Bullet Point Improved business and tender opportunities as many now have environmental conditions



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5 ways to go "greener" with CLIM8

It is well known we are all recycling more, but before reusing or recycling waste shouldn’t we be reducing it? These adaptable and customisable, paper-reducing solutions make it possible to be kind to the environment and meet start to your 'green' objectives by using...



With this powerful and easy to use software you can become environmentally friendly and achieve outstanding customer service and Customer Relationship Management, while increasing profitability and efficiency.

CLIM8 Diary Manager

Reduce paper by using the electronic CLIM8 Diary Manager and gain your own personal assistant. Instantly search diaries for availability, view and simultaneously book your own or other peoples, and set reminders with the integrated CLIM8 Tasks.

CLIM8 Document Management System (DMS)

Eliminate all paper in your office with the use of CLIM8's integrated Document Management System (DMS) which features unique techniques and options, giving your organisation total control - and a complete awareness of all documents, of any type.


CLIM8 Personal Email Server

Achieve better results and build better relationships with your employees, clients, suppliers, and general contacts by utilising the CLIM8 Personal Email Server to personalise emails, e-bulletins, newsletters, internal memos and reduce the amount of paper you use.

CLIM8 Reports

Eliminate all manual errors and paper usage by utilising CLIM8 Reports. This easy to use reporting tool allows you to rapidly create fully customisable, accurate reports and integrate them into Microsoft Excel.


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