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6 easy to use training tips

We are all aware of the benefits that training brings to the organisation. Increased quality, improved productivity, decreased costs, and a boost to employee moral just to name a few. But what are the key things you need to consider before you reap the benefits of training?


These 6 easy to use training tips will help you teach what you know; to the people who don't.

  1. Get their attention from the start and keep it.
    once you have their attention they will learn more and learn it quicker. Too often in these kinds of situations the first few minutes are lost while people adjust their coats and finish their conversations. You only have a short space of time before these people are lost for the whole time, so make sure they pay attention. Many techniques have been used in the past such as highlighting key facts; problems people are facing as well as novelty ideas such as brainteasers and riddles such as, can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?
  2. Use the language they use
    not all areas of your organisation will use the same language to describe the same feature or process of your solution. The front line users may call it an online shop whilst your IT department may use the term e-commerce. Make sure you use the right language for the people you are training.
  3. Keep it focused and simple
    make it easy for them to learn and focus their attention on one step at a time. This ensures that they fully understand and become confident with what they have learned. This will also ensure people have time to asks questions about a certain aspect and keep all trainees at a similar level, and therefore don’t become frustrated by repeating the same topics.
  4. Use real and relative scenarios
    in many cases you see the same highly scripted sceneries repeated again and again during the training process. Introduce realistic and relative scenarios to increase learning and cut the time the employee takes to learn the procedure.
  5. Regular recaps
    keep your employees up to the pace with the changing technology. Regular recaps are not only to be used to introduce new additions to the software. These regular recaps will ensure that each employee is confident with the software, know how best to use the software, and gives them a direct chance to ask questions. These recaps will also help the organisation become aware and act on any problems the front line users are facing.
  6. Invest time
    time is the most important aspect of training. Give them time with the software to ‘test without consequences’ before formal training begins. This will allow them to become familiar with the screens, and basic usage ready for the trainer to build upon. Give them enough time until they are confident with what they need to do, these will be the people that are face to face with your customers and the last ting they want is to be on the phone to a representative who is stumbling through the software.


As for those who may still be thinking or looking for the answer to the riddle - can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?   Yesterday, today, tomorrow.


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