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8 tips for excellent customer service

8 Tips for excellent customer service

As we know a CRM does not guarantee excellent customer service, it is the partnership between the solution and your employees that makes the difference. This connection can make your company stand out by constantly delivering the great service your customer deserves.


Here are our 8 tips to securing that outstanding customer service.

1. Have happy service attitude employees
A smile can he heard over the telephone. Your employees need the individual recognition and appreciation as much as your customer. A happy and respected employee is more likely to pass this enthusiasm onto your customers. This service attitude is not always the most outgoing person, but these are the people who simply love to help others and this will drive your business forward.

2. Keep your employees informed
This may be obvious but your employees need to know any thing and everything about your company from your current product range to the latest offers and launch date of new products. The more they know, the better they can serve your customers.

3. Be your customer and listen to their complaints and needs
Before you carry on reading, do this task. Call your support centre, not through the company telephone but as if you were a customer. How long did you wait in line? Did you get good support? Did the employee have a good attitude and have the information you wanted? In today’s competitive world the customer is a king, and you are in business to service their needs. You have to treat them well, most importantly as a person and in today’s competitive market place an individual. Make the communication personal; call them by name if possible. You only get a few short moments with your customers, so make them count. Make it easier for them to communicated with you and improve their experience with you by listening to your customers’ needs and complaints. Customers always tell you what they want; you just have to be listening to hear it.

4. React fast when you receive a complaint
Complaints are wonderful! It’s the best feedback you will ever receive. It give you an instant chance to improve your product and the relationship you have with your customer, but remember to act quickly. Make your customer feel appreciated by primarily acknowledging receipt of the complaint and keeping them informed with details of how you can rectify this issue and the stages it is currently at.

5. Be a solution provider
Customer love buying, but they hate been sold to. People look for solutions to the challenges they are facing. By communicating regularly and listening to the challenges your customer are facing improves their perception, and makes you aware of any upcoming needs. Shift these needs to solutions, and give them information and several options.

6. Make information easily accessible
A short an easy task for you do complete, but with great rewards. Help customers understand your solutions and find product information, FAQs and any other information they need. You may have the best products, but if customers don't understand them, they wont buy from you.

7. Don’t break promises
Remember most dissatisfied customers do not complain directly. They complain to their friends and family, who in turn will pass this information onto their friends. Remember the old saying "one unhappy customer will tell nine others, who will tell 9 more". Don't let this happen your organisation. You can easily reduce this risk by not breaking any your promises. For example, if you say they will have the product by Wednesday, make sure it is there. At all costs make sure it is not late even if you have to drive it their yourself!

8. Don’t forget your manners
Courtesy words and phrases such as thank you and sorry may be small words makes but they can make all the difference. When we were little we were taught to say these words as basic courtesy, so why did they disappear when we grew up? A simple thank you or sorry makes you stands out so much today because is rarely happens and makes your customer feel appreciated.


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