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9 benefits of Bespoke computer software

In the past, bespoke software was limited to the large companies, but with new technology comes new opportunities. Nowadays this once out of reach solution is now within reach of the SME, helping them to gain the benefits of bespoke solutions, such as a competitive advantage and increased efficiency without paying over the odds.

1. Bespoke software exactly matches your requirement
‘Off the shelf’ solutions include a wide variety of features to appeal to the mass market. With these solutions you will often find that you have many features you will not use, and in some cases you don't have access to the features you need the most. You may also have to adapt how you do business to ‘fit in’ with the software. This can be a tough compromise as it can increase costs and lower efficiency. However, with a bespoke solution this can be avoided. The solution is developed to fit into your current business process with the features you need to help you do what you do best, that little bit better.

2. Competitive Advantage
Your own software differentiates you from the competition as much as your unique products and services. Through a bespoke software solution, you are ensuring that your competitor is unable to purchase the same solution and gain the benefits that you are receiving, such as increased efficiency

3. Software that works for you. 
Ease of use is an important factor when implementing any new software solution. Through the process of developing a bespoke solution you have a close relationship with your software developers. This ensures you get a solution that works for you, and does not over complicate or confuse the users.

4. Increase user adoption
Your employees will usually find it easier to use and more efficient as it does not contain unused features and facilities. Combine this with the results of your need assessment where users have a say in the solution and how it works, your employees will be more likely to adopt to the new solution.

5. Support
You may be thinking why is support a benefit of implementing a bespoke solution? Consider if an ‘off the shelf’ solution failed, what do you do? When you contact their support they may not fully understand your business and how you use the software, that is development for the masses, and may not be able to give you the best advice or be able to change or 'update' the solution. By working with a development company you gain that direct contact and build a relationship with the company as they begin to understand your business and needs. Therefore, if an issue does arise they will have an understanding of how you use the software, allowing them to quickly make the necessary changes.

6. Reduce the number of mistakes and increase efficiency.
By automating manual tasks you can avoid vital mistake and increase efficiency. Building on the previous benefit, the close working partnerships ensures that the developers can even point out further ways to increase your efficiency and potential your productivity.

7. Incorporate your brand image
With bespoke solutions you can easily incorporate your unique look and feel into the software. Anything from the colours used, to the place of your logo can be altered to meet your exact requirements. This can strengthen your brand image to customers, investors as well as employees.

8. Flexible and Customisable
After your brand image is incorporated into the development, bespoke solutions are renowned for been much more flexible and have a higher level of customisation built into them. This ensures that the solution is always ready and easily modified or changed as your business evolves.

9. Avoid DIY 
In some cases the cost can seem a lot lower than a bespoke solution. However, with an off the shelf solution you are required to do it yourself, from installation and set-up to importing important business data. This is not only a time cost but it can result in important information been deleted or imported incorrectly. Allow the experts to complete and transfer all your important data to ensure minimise delays and errors.



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