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9 Secrets of successful Email

Email is getting used more and more, but how do you get the audience you want? Use these 9 secrets of email to improve your business reputation and increase your sales opportunities.

Original content
If there can be only 1 secret or tip to improve your email marketing, bulletins, newsletter, and even your websites it would be to use original content.

Can everybody see your message?
With the rapid growth of blackberries and similar devises, you need to condense your message to make sure your email is received and can be read easily. You also need to remember that some people will not open your email to full size and may only preview it in a small screen. You also need to use images with caution as most providers now default to images switched off. Look at your email in all these scenarios, does it still show your message?

Get their attention from the start
The most active subscribers are your recent subscribers. Get them interested in your email from the start. Send a welcome email when they subscribe, include an offer to begin a two way relationship.

Target content
Who would benefit from reading your email? Who are your subscribers? Who do you want to subscribe? Your content needs to be targeted at these people.

Topics can be found in many places. Review your website, which pages are the most popular? What is current news in your market? You can also begin a two way relationship by allowing your customers to introduce topics they would like to discuss.

Subject line
You do not have a lot of space to tell the reader what the email contains. Don't use this vital space with such things as the date, issue number, or even you company name - this will be displayed in the 'from' section. Use short and sweet headlines to entice the reader to open your email. The emails that contain words such as how to, tips, secrets, boost, increase, and improve are more likely to get opened. Other key checks include - Is it relevant?  Does it entice the reader? Is it specific?

Make your email as appealing to the eye as possible. If you have a lot of content break it up into short sentences and paragraphs, as too much block text can make readers lose interest before they begin.

Not only are you required by law to have an email account to receive bounce-backs, this is a good chance to cleanse you mailing list for changed or no longer in use addresses. You can also use this as an opportunity to contact them.

Reply within 1 day
If you receive an email reply from your email campaign, ebulletins or newsletters it means they have a current interest in your promotion, products or services. This interest may quickly fade and by not replying promptly you will have missed that opportunity and probably lose that customer for life. 


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