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Questions to ask when choosing a
CRM Software provider

Selecting, buying and implementing the right customer relationship management (CRM) package may be one of the most important decisions you make.

Choosing the right CRM provider can be a daunting task for some organisations because it can be the difference between the success and failure. With so many companies in the CRM marketplace, how can you find the best provider and solution for your unique business? It all begins with asking the right questions during the initial process to help you make a smarter, and more informed purchasing decision.

Get the information you need from the CRM provider by and asking the following questions…

1.      What is your history?

2.      What are your capabilities?

3.      Can we speak to your clients? View testimonials?

4.      Can we see a demonstration?

5.      What installation ‘downtime’ can we expect?

6.      What kind of support and training is provided?

7.      Will the solution grow with us?

8.      Will the system work/transfer data from our original system?


You should also consider…

1.      Are we ready?

2.      Have we completed software needs assessment?

3.      Do we need online CRM, on premise CRM or a combination?

4.      What features do we need?

5.      How challenging will it be to introduce?

6.      How supportive are our staffs to new software?


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