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9 Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore
SMS Text Message Marketing

People all over the world at the moment are saying SMS Text Message Advertising is a new kid on the block, however, a little unknown fact is that SMS Text Message Marketing first came on the scene ten years ago in the year 2000, when a free daily newspaper headline service in Finland sent by SMS text messaging and was sponsored by advertising.

Until the past few years SMS Text based advertising was low on the marketers agenda, however with recent research showing SMS/MMS ads spending up 26% percent from 2008 to 2009 is showing that this ‘relatively new’ channel is finally coming into its own.

So why should businesses look at SMS Text Message Marketing?

More Responsive
As marketers we all know the one thing we all crave is positive response rates from our target market. Bulk SMS text messaging is a new channel at our finger tips, but even more importantly, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, this channel is 5 times more responsive than direct mail, which the Internet Advertising Bureau UK with PwC says is due to its exceptional targeting, immediacy and return on investment.

The higher response rates are also due to the relatively unobtrusive way of communicating with your contact as a text message does not cause any major distractions and can be read in a few seconds they are more likely to read and react to the text message.

That brings us nicely onto our second reason, Time efficiency. You could write, send. have your target market receive an SMS in the fraction of the time it would take you to write and send a direct mail piece, and more importantly it takes less time for them to respond as there still is a that degree of curiosity that is attached to receiving a SMS text message.

This quick method of communicating with your contacts means businesses can respond much quicker to market changes, latest company or industry news or offers, and more importantly free up your employee’s time to spend on more productive activities!

Affordability, Cost Effective and ROI
Affordability is a clear reason SMS Text Message Marketing is getting used more and more. We all want to achieve great results, and use as little of our budget if possible, especially in the times business are in (or getting out of) at the moment. Sending an SMS text message will cost businesses as little as 8p per text, a lot cheaper than printing packaging and postage costs of direct mail, and with response rates far better than email you’ll get a great return on your marketing investment.

Wow factor whilst having a Competitive Edge
According to Nielson Mobile, just over the pond in the US Text Message Marketing has taken off more for business with 23% of all 58 million U.S. mobile subscribers say they’ve been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days and over 51% (that’s 28 million!) say they responded to a mobile ad in some way.

The SMS Text message marketing channel still relatively new in the UK and vast amounts of potential customers not yet seen it firsthand, which is great news for businesses likes yours!

There is a good chance your competitors are not using this channel, therefore if you start a proactive SMS Text Message Marketing strategy you to do something your contacts want (read more) whilst establishing yourself as a market leader and insure your messages have a higher impact.

Increase Attendance at Events and Create last minute appointments
A simple, yet very effective way of ensuring people attend events or appointments are through text message reminders. This helps you build a great customer relationship, as you are reminding them of their treatment appointment a day before for example, this will help you minimise no shows and in the case of a late cancelLation SMS Text message can come to the rescue. You can send out a quick text saying “Late Deals at (company name), first person to book a treatment at 4pm will receive a 25% discount on any treatment”. This will help you re-fill the time slot and make money where it could have been lost.

Increase Positive Customer Perception & Loyalty
Using a text message personalised to the contact can do wonders for your business. Sending out promotional material, vouchers and discounts or simply keeping them up to date with the latest news can be good for businesses but it’s the added touch that helps you achieve that perception and loyalty. Sending SMS Text Message Birthday messages for example, this could also include a time related offer. They will love you for remembering their birthday!

Vast Reach of a Text Message
A major benefit of a Text Messages is the vast reach as it can reach the contact no matter where they are. Latest stats show our mobile phones are with us over 80% of every day. By sending a text message to direct to their phone means that they can receive your message where ever they are, they don’t have to be listening to the radio, reading a newspaper, watching TV, near a computer or even in the country!

Viral Potential
One of the biggest things we want is our message to reach as many people as possible, hence the large amount of money spent on viral market each and every year. However, with the ease of which SMS Text Messages can be shared also increases the chances of your message being shown or forwarded to additional people at no extra cost to you or your business.

Green Credentials that saves you money!
SMS Text message marketing is a green way of communicating with your contacts. For every 10,000 pieces of A4 paper that your company uses, you consume 2.5 mature trees.
We all know we can not stop sending mail altogether, but using SMS in certain cases can save us large amounts of money.  Think of it as sending a piece of information to 1000 contacts

Method Cost (£) Response Cost/Response (£) Savings
Mail 500 2% 25  
SMS 80 10% 0.8 £420

You will also notice that it dramatically reduces the cost per response by £24.20 and that’s only using a very conservative 50p per mail, think about how much more you are spending when think about printing, packaging and postage.

Using the same response rate...

Method Cost (£) Response Cost/Response (£) Savings
Mail 500 2% 25  
SMS 80 2% 4 £420

Even using the same response rate, you still have a great saving and a lot cheaper cost / response!

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CRM & SMS Texting Integration

SMS & CRM Integration With this new integration it has never been easier to open a new communication channel with your contacts with CRM & SMS integration to send mass or 1 to 1 personalised text messages.

SMS, also known as text services, are quickly becoming an increasingly appealing way to contact your customers and general contacts (Even the BBC note that text messaging is weathering the recession - click here).

Perhaps you want to send them some news, a reminder of a special offer or event, or you may even want to integrate it into your prospect chain.

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