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Why Businesses Need to Make Thier CRM Mobile

Do you have a mobile sales team, how about employees working out of the office? Then chances are you've been thinking about extending your CRM solution through the internet and mobile. Now that most mobile phones used in business can access the Internet, such as smart phone, Blackberry and iPhone, businesses like your own are looking at the benefits mobile CRM can bring.

Using Forrester Consultings April 2009 study on Mobile CRM, we try to uncover some of the major benefits organisations are receiving from empowering their workforce with mobile CRM.

So what did this study uncover?

With your customer information constantly changing and being updated, front line employees may find it difficult to access up to date information as they may not have access to a laptop and the information they viewed in the morning may already be out of date. Mobile CRM solves these problems by allowing you to access and update this critical information on their smart phone.

After surveying over 1000 companies across Europe, respondents of Forrester survey agreed that by having access to a mobile CRM:

Orange Bullet Point   Sales and employee productivity improve (87%).
Orange Bullet Point   Productivity and efficiency of frontline employees boosted (77%)
Orange Bullet Point   Customer satisfaction and experience increased by employees being able to respond faster to requests and inquiries (74%)
Orange Bullet Point   Business process efficiency improved (73%)
Orange Bullet Point   Usage and adoption of the CRM application increased (62%)

Stuart Amery, Marketing Coordinator at PPD Computing, commented: “Data is one of the most important aspects of a business, and to be able to access this information at any time, anywhere will enable mobile workers to be more effective in their job roles, which will increase productivity of the organisation. After reading the results of this report the fact that over half of the people surveyed lost sales opportunities due to being unable to access information is a strong enough reason for any business to consider going mobile."

Real life examples of our Mobile CRM in action

At PPD Computing its all well and good reading the results of a report, but we always like to see the benefits ourselves. After successful beta testing of our Mobile CRM extension our clients found that:

Orange Bullet Point   The quality of their data improved
Orange Bullet Point   They used the CRM more often
Orange Bullet Point   Customer relationships improved
Orange Bullet Point   Time efficiency increased
Orange Bullet Point   Internal organisation improved through better knowledge of upcoming diary bookings and outstanding tasks

By looking at this, Mobile CRM is not just about increasing sales. It's going back to what a CRM was originally made for - to increase the customers experience they have with a business. When an employee on the road is about to do business with a client or having a meeting, it helps if he can access critical information, such as the customers information and his own diary, to enable them to, for example, confirm and update current information and eliminate the back and forth telephone calls by arranging follow-up meetings there and then, resulting in increased customer experience.

About the Forrester Study

In January 2009, Forrester Consulting evaluated the uses, challenges, benefits, and implementation best practices for mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. In conducting in-depth surveys with business/IT professionals at 1,005 companies in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Forrester found that enterprises using mobile CRM solutions achieved: improved productivity of frontline personnel, improved customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and better business process efficiency compared with using solely desk-based CRM applications. Mobile capability also encourages higher usage of core CRM applications by frontline employees. 

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