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Do I need bespoke, tailored or an
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They are 3 levels to the types of software that can be provided, ‘off the shelf’, tailored and bespoke. Depending upon your business and your requirements, each of these types of solutions can provide you with the results you want.

The first level, ‘off the shelf’, is developed for the mass market. If you only have few or simple requirements, this may be the best option for you. When ‘off the shelf’ solutions cannot meet your specific requirements, you may be made to compromise, which can lead to increase costs and lower efficiency.

The next step is to have the software tailored. This type of solution is often mistaken as a bespoke solution, as the solution is customised to your meet requirements. A tailored solution is often the best option for most organisations as it can bring the benefits of a bespoke solution, without the costs or the development time of a bespoke solution.

However if you need a solution for very specific needs of your organisation and one is currently unavailable, you may find the bespoke option more suitable.

When deciding which of the three types best suits your organisation, you should take into account your requirements, your time-frame and your budget. It is also worth noting that a good solution can pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, where as a bad solution can cost you more and lower your efficiency in the long-term. Therefore it is often worth investing a little more into tailored and bespoke solutions to increase your long term gains.

You are never alone in making this decision; reputable software providers will bring you peace of mind by  guiding you through this process and helping you choose the solution that is right for you and your business.


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