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Tips for Writing Effective Business SMS Text Messages

SMS Texting for Business use is still pretty new in the UK with not many companies sending SMS Text messages to their customers, suppliers or general contacts.

As this is the case we are often asked 3 main questions:

1 - Do my contacts want me to text them?
2 - What are the benefits of Business SMS texting?
3 - What and How should we send business marketing text messages?

As we believe no two companies are the same, hence the customisation options within our software, we always advise our customers to also tailor the text message they send just the same as any other kind of direct marketing.

However, just like email marketing they are a few standard tips to achieving the best results and building a positive reputation.

Target your Message
To get the best response rate target, target, target! Find who you want to contact, and then target them using the language they use and with solutions / offers they would want to recieve.

As most people have their phone with them over 90% of the day, timing is not much of an issue. However, it has being found that if you are sending business text messages is mid to late afternoon.

Dnt Use Txt Speak!
Always remember you are sending a business marketing message. U wudnt rite txt spk on ur website wud u? So don't do it because it is a text message.

Keep it Clear & Simple!
The easier you keep the message the more likely your contacts are to respond. You only have 160 characters to get your message across, so keep it to one simple single offer or news with a clear call to action.

Be Complete
Ensure you include everything you want, as well as full instructions on what the reciever needs to do. If they have to call ensure you give the phone number. If they need to keep and show the text, tell them.

Use a friendly name your Customers will recognise.
When you begin to send business sms text marketing messages you will be able to choose a friendly name. This friendly name will be shown on your contacts mobile phone when they recieve the text message.

Now this is pretty obvious but always ensure you choose a name your customers will recognise. Even if you want to do a gimick and promote an event or music band - use their name.

Grab Attention Straight Away
Just like any other peice of marketing, try to grab attention straight away. Start your message with the word NEWS, OFFER or any of those other words we all like to see. This is the part of the message that will also show if the reciever has text preview on their mobile phone and will entince them more to open the SMS text message.

Test, Revise, Test, Revise and Test Again
Mobile is no different than any other marketing communication method you would use in your Business. Always send a test message to your own mobile phone first as this will give you a chance to see it on the small screen. However, after that test also keep testing and revising the messages you send to your contacts. Each time change a small aspect of the SMS message and test if it gets a better response.

Template SMS Messages…
SMS from your CRM! You can now text your customers from your CRM software for more information call us now on 01422 200000

ABC Media - Your Television is ready to pick up from the Collection Center. Please Quote 123456

ABC Media - Your Television has now been dispatched and will be with you between 1-5pm 4th Mrch

FREE VIP TONIGHT! Show this text at the door before 11pm to get FREE entry and VIP Access and a free drink.

MOT Reminder! Your car is due for its MOT by the 8th of June. Please call us now on 01422 200000 or book it online at www.website.com

Dentist Appointment! A quick reminder for your appointment at 11:15am on the 8th June at ABC Dentists. If you need to change this please call us on 01422 200000


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CRM & SMS Texting Integration

SMS & CRM Integration With this new integration it has never been easier to open a new communication channel with your contacts with CRM & SMS integration to send mass or 1 to 1 personalised text messages.

SMS, also known as text services, are quickly becoming an increasingly appealing way to contact your customers and general contacts (Even the BBC note that text messaging is weathering the recession - click here).

Perhaps you want to send them some news, a reminder of a special offer or event, or you may even want to integrate it into your prospect chain.

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