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General Software Tips and Advice

Are you looking for general software tips and advice? This is place for you. Below we have a few of our FREE articles filled with tips and advice that you can use today and see results tomorrow

How to write Effective Business SMS Messages

If you are unsure on what to send in a Business SMS Message then these 8 easy to use tips on writing effective business SMS marketing messages, along with Business SMS Templates and Examples are just for you

How to write Effective Businesses SMS Marketing Messages

Why Businesses Need to Make Thier CRM Mobile

I am sure we have all heard the reports saying Mobile CRM does increase sales by improving employee productivity and efficiency, but what about customer experience and satisfaction? Well that is also improve through mobile CRM

Why Businesses Need to Make Thier CRM Mobile

8 tips to excellent customer service

As we know a CRM does not guarantee outstanding customer service, it is the partnership between the solution and your employees that makes the difference

9 Secrets of Email

Use our 9 secrets of email to improve business reputation and improve your subscribers rate which will help you increase your sales opportunities

16 email tips to increase your readers experience

Email has become an important medium for marketeers, and is been used more and more frequently. But does your email hit the spot with your readers?

6 easy to use training tips

We are all aware of the benefits that training brings. These 6 easy to use training tips will help you teach what you know; to the people who don't.

How to get the most from your CLIM8 CRM

A page full of our general tips and advice to help you get the most from your CLIM8 CRM software. If you have any tips or advice for other members please contact us and we will add it to this page

How to get the most from you CLIM8 CRM Software

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