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Over the next few months we will be adding our general tips and advice to this webpage to help you get the most from your CLIM8 CRM software.

We are not saying all these tips will be new to everybody, maybe only a few will be new to you, however, we believe some of these tips and features can improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

If you have any tips for other CLIM8 users please Contact Us and we may include them in the next set of tips and features. 


How to get the most from CLIM8

1. Set Fields From Reports
The ability to set fields from report results can very easily increase your time efficiency and simplify your reporting. For example, if you have just sent an email campaign out to hundreds of contacts the last thing you want to do is spend the rest of your day filling out the contact logs for each contact. Instead, you could simply use the report you run to select your contacts included within the email campaign and choose the 'set fields and flags from results' option from the CLIM8 Report. You only have to fill in the contents of the contact log once and the software will repeat this process to every client, saving you hours of time and making sure that the data is always accurately inserted.

2. Schedule Reports
With CLIM8 Scheduler it's easy to schedule single or multiple reports or operating system commands to run at a specific date, time, and frequency to suit you. The CLIM8 Scheduler also has the ability to set fields from reports. Through the use of the CLIM8 Scheduler you can accurately record information such as everybody who has contacted you in the past 6 months or even the amount of times they have contacted you. Each night the report runs, and either clears, increments, or overwrites the fields.

3. Using Prompts in CLIM8 Reports
Carrying on from last months reporting tips is the use of prompts with a report. Prompts can be used to change a general report template into a very specific report - which gives you highly targeted results. For example, if you go to many networking events you may want to send out an email on a Friday to all the new contacts you have met that week. By using CLIM8 Prompts within CLIM8 Reports you can create a report template without the dates defined and each Friday when you run the report it will Prompt you to insert the time frame. This can also be used to to eliminate multiple reports searching on similar information - such as searching for a specific Business Type - place a Prompt covering the Business Type field

Using and implementing Prompts within your CLIM8 Reports is easy. From the edit Report screen click the prompt icon on the left hand side and choose the field you wish to be prompted on. The next time this report is run it will ask you for specific details - whether that is a time frame, an option from a look-up or any kind of field within your CLIM8 database...the choice is yours.

4. Quick access to last 9 contacts
Did you close the contact information screen too quickly and forget to input a piece of information? Instead of searching for the contact again, you have access to the last 9 contacts you have visited by clicking ‘File’ at the top left hand side of your screen.

5. Set Tasks from Diary Bookings and Interactions
On of the highlighted tips we received after last months ebulletin was the use of setting and assigning tasks from diary bookings and interactions. The tips and advice we received included using these to ensure you collected all the resources, information and completed any work needed for the diary booking. Setting tasks from interactions were also highlighted to remind people to send documents and return phone calls on a specific day

6. Using Tasks as a 'To-Do-List'
CLIM8 Tasks do not have to be assigned to a client or contact within your database. When a task is created in this way it can act as a 'to-do' list and a general reminder service to ensure you complete all your daily activities and responsibilities on time. To create this kind of task simply navigate to CLIM8 Tasks and click 'New Task'


Dont forget to come back to this page as over the next few months we will be adding to this list with our own and your suggestions.


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