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CRM Software Needs Assessment

Planning is the most important aspect when investing in a new software solution, and a key part of the planning process is completing a needs assessment. The four key aspects to CRM failure are being over budget, too little or too much functionality, behind scheduled implementation, and user adoption. All of this can be avoided by completing a need assessment. Before planning your strategy and implementation of your CRM solution, establish a core team of individuals, including a project manager, to oversee and manage the whole process. A CRM solution is one of the most valuable tools your organisation will have at is disposal, therefore allocate time in your dairy to hold a team meeting and complete a need assessment.

We know this can be difficult to do because some users are in customer facing roles and need to concentrate on serving your customers. Therefore, try and elect one person from each area that has the responsibility to collect the views of their selection of users. This will not only help you make knowledgeable decisions that are beneficial to all areas of your organisation, but also improve the success of the implementation of your CRM solution because you have the time and views to determined the budget, the timescale, and the features the users want, which will improve the user adoption rate of the new solution.

Key points in your needs assessment should include

Orange Bullet Point Analysis of our current process and highlight which ones are working, which are not, why?
Orange Bullet Point What is it about our current system that is most frustrating or troublesome?
Orange Bullet Point What steps are required to solve the problem?
Orange Bullet Point What do we want to achieve?
Orange Bullet Point Is new software the solution to our problems?
Orange Bullet Point What impact will these changes have?
Orange Bullet Point What will happen to your organisation if these changes are not addressed?
Orange Bullet Point Do we need a CRM?
Orange Bullet Point Do we need online CRM, on premise CRM or a combination?
Orange Bullet Point How many system users will we have? Don’t forget to include administration, technical, customer service representatives and off premise users.
Orange Bullet Point What features, and key fields will do we need?
Orange Bullet Point What reporting capabilities will we need?
Orange Bullet Point When do we need the CRM?
Orange Bullet Point What is our budget?
Orange Bullet Point Is they a solution currently available that matches our requirements?
Orange Bullet Point Would the solution need to be tailored?
Orange Bullet Point Do we need a bespoke solution?
Orange Bullet Point What kind of solution is best for our organisation?

By asking yourself these questions you will be able to find a CRM solution and provider, that emulates the positive ways you do business as well as incorporating and helping you achieve your future business goals.



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