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Knowledge Centre - CRM Articles and Tips

Want to make more of your CRM, or simply want some inspiration to help you run your business more effectively? Our Knowledge Centre provides a wide range of free articles that highlights the benefits and how to get more from your CRM.

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What is...Your Software Questions Answered

Here we answer the most common questions we face. These include, what is CRM? What is bespoke? What is Hosted CRM?

What is CRM Software?
What is Hosted CRM Software?
What is the Cloud?
How does VOIP work?
What is Bespoke Software?

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Thinking about implementing CRM Software?

Are you thinking about implementing CRM software? Doing research? Or simply looking for advice? This is the place to be. Free articles including what you need in a software needs assessment, what to ask a potential provider and more

Software Needs Assessment
Do I need a Bespoke, Tailored or 'off the shelf' solution?
4 things you must remember before a CRM purchase
The questions to ask when choosing your CRM provider

Benefits of...

We all know when are are thinking of implementing new software, whether it is CRM, bespoke or any type of software, we are always searching for the benefits it will bring to us and our organisation. here are a selection of the FREE articles explaining the benefits

10 benefits of CRM
9 benefits of bespoke
5 benefits of becoming 'green'
9 Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore SMS Text Message Marketing
5 Benefits of VOIP

General Software Tips and Advice

Are you looking for general software tips and advice? This is place for you. Below we have a few of our FREE articles filled with tips (such as email and customer service) and advice that you can use today and see results tomorrow.

How to write effective Business SMS Marketing Messages
Why Businesses Need to Make Their CRM Mobile
8 tips for excellent customer service
9 secrets of email
16 email tips to increase your readers experience
6 easy to use training tips
How to get the most from CLIM8

CRM Research and Survey

The latest edition to our Knowledge Center is our CRM Research and Survey section. We are constantly reading new articles and research papers about the use of CRM Software and other features our software contains such as SMS Text Marketing, VOIP integration and much more.

Brits want more SMS Reminders

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Media Related Articles & Research

Often the media highlights key moments that make a massive difference to business, not only in the UK, but across the world. In this section we write our own point of view - and in most cases how to avoid repeating the scenario:

Snow Days February 2009 - How to work from home hassel free
How not to sell your customer information on Ebay

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