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Today (the 4th of February 2009) as I look out of the office window I can still see mounds of snow on the ground and  the odd snow shower falling from the sky. I know the past few days have been horrendous for businesses and BBC Weather is still predicting more snow to come.

This made me think, what effect and problems does this snow cause? Well, I did a bit of research and found some nice little facts for you about the last two days...

  1. Over 6 million workers took the day off on Monday and over 5 million on tuesday because of the snow
  2. London bus network was halted
  3. This cost the economy about 1.2 billion pounds
  4. The AA received over 16000 calls from motorists requiring assistance

I am sure you will agree with me when I say on Monday morning and probably again on Tuesday -  you got out of bed, opened your curtains and thought one of two things

  1. how am I supposed to get to work?
  2. how many of my staff will come to work this morning?

I'm sure we would all agree that when we did get to work and you heard the phone ring we got a different reaction that normal. We usually think ' a new opportunity - maybe a new client', yet on these days we got that feeling in the pit of our stomach that it was yet another employee calling to say they will not be at work today. Try and think back and remember what did they miss by not working? how much did that cost you and your business? Did you have to delay work? Maybe lost work?

The question I ask you all today is this...why do they need to be at work to do work? Just think about that for a second... I'm aware that in some cases you do have to be on site, but in most cases the things you need are the essential resources such as the telephone, email, and the most important all your contact information and history.

How would you feel if I said all your employees could have these essential resources at home, therefore, when  days like the past few happen - your business can carry on as normal. 

A hosted (Web based) CRM solution does just that. It provides you with the tools to be able to work from anywhere in the world through an internet connection. Hosted CRM Software provides you access to not only all your customer information and customer interaction history - but also your diary, your daily tasks, even allows you to carry on sending that personalised 'bulk' email marketing.

Problem solved - work from home hassle free!

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