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Personal Bank Details found on computer sold on eBay for £35, Could have been prevented with CRM Software

By now we will have all heard the news that was released yesterday (26th Auguest 2008) when the Information Commissioner launched an investigation into how a second hand computer holding personal details the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and American Express was sold on eBay auction for £35.

According to the Daily Mail Andrew Chapman found the information on the computers hard drive and it has been reported that the information included bank account numbers, phone numbers, mothers' maiden names and even the signatures of the American Express, NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland customers.

Mail Source, a data processing company, part of Graphic Data, owned the computer that was sold on eBay for £35. A spokesman for Mail Source put the situation down to an 'honest mistake' and according to a YouGov poll in November 2007, 1 million UK employees admitted losing disks, drives or laptop computers containing confidential personal information.

But why did this happen? At this time when identity fraud is on the rise, and with recent media coverage on massive data losses recently it is no surprise that customers are losing their faith in companies and are giving less and less of their information to us.

CRM Software could have prevented the information being on the second hand computer. A CRM System installed onto a private secure server where every user accesses the server remotely would have ensured that all the customer data was not on any users machine and therefore not have raised this personal details security risk and kept the banks involved reputation intact.

This approach and the technology behind CRM Software could also make the USB sticks, which have been lost, no longer a high security risk. With this approach the need for a USB stick containing customers’ information would not be needed because they could access the main database from anywhere on the company premises.

This time they had a lucky escape and the data did not fall into the hands of a criminal, but in the future they may not be so lucky. Get better protected to this type of personal data security risks and keep your customers happy with the use of CRM Software


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