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Examples of CRM

Examples of CRM Software in use by PPD Computing. These examples of CRM Software show how they can be used to help you grow your business by enabling you to manage and use your customer information more effectively.

Car Dealership

  1. Store, update and use of customer info
  2. Streamline Processes

For example, a customer is looking to buy a new car. After reviewing the models and brochures you sent out, which is recorded in CLIM8, they book a test drive. The employee then up-dates the customer information and history. After the test drive they decide to buy the car. Instead of the customer re-writing all their information on multiple forms and contracts you print off the information already inserted from your CLIM8 software. This easily increases the customers’ perception of your business and is pleased they do not have to re-write the same information over and over again. However, this has also streamlined your processes and made you more time efficient to enable you to quickly continue your daily activities.

Local Florist

  1. Store, update and use of customer info
  2. Timed marketing activities

So you may be thinking a car dealership big business, how could I use CRM software? Okay, Another example, a local florist, each year a guy comes in to buy some flowers for his wife's birthday. Each year he comes in, picks the same flowers (her favourite of course) and leaves. That local florist could use CRM software to alert them 2 weeks before he usually buys the flowers. They could then call him and ask if he is looking to buy flowers again and if he would like the same flowers? Would he like them to be delivered? This makes the customer feels important to you business, after all you remembered his wife's birthday is coming up and what flowers you usually buy, and you have promoted your delivery service. They could also use the information to contact people around Mothers day and Valentines day.

Dentist / Hairdresser / Restaurants

  1. Store, update and use of customer info
  2. Minimise of missed / forgotten appointments

When appointments are key to your business this CRM example shows how you can use the different communication methods CRM contains to ensure that appointments are kept. For example, a dentist or hairdresser, they could use either email or SMS, or a mixture of both, to send reminders to their clients about our upcoming appointments. An email could be sent a week in advance and a text message the day before. These messages could be personalised using the information within your CRM to let your client know the date and time of the appointment as well as a reminder of the address. This is a great idea and give benefits to both parties. The client gets reminded of their appointment and sees it as a value added service and the dentist minimises on late and missed appointments.

Dog / Cat Kennels

  1. Store, update and use of customer and Pet info
  2. Creative use of information for marketing

We all expect a few questions when we drop off our beloved pets at a kennels. But what do they do with this information? Some have started to collect this inside CRM software and use it to produce very creative marketing material tailored to each pet and owner. For example, they collect information about your pets favourite toys and food along with your basic details. When you return from holiday, you find the following postcard from your pet...

"Hi John and Jane, Thanks for sending me on holiday. Its great here, through the day they are many activities going on, we played catch today and tomorrow we are going walking through the woods. The food is great as well, I had beef and gravy yesterday... anyway I must go I don't want to miss out on my peanut butter kong. Missing you, love Butch"



Please note some of these are examples of how the software can be used and may not currently be used in this way

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