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CLIM8.NET Web Based CRM Software

Please Note: This section details the web-browser based interface available to customers who have the software installed at on-premise.

We do offer this web based CRM software as a hosted solution on a per monthly basis. Please click here for our Web Based CRM Software.


web based CRM Software - man working on CRM on his laptop on train Increase your accessibility to CLIM8 customer information and improve your protection against business interruption with the easy to use the web-based version CLIM8.NET. This enables you to easily access the same customer information, documentation, project information and dairy bookings accross multiple locations in real time.
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No extra training is needed for your team as the modules offer the same functionality as the desktop versions, but the with added benefit of running through the user's browser. No installation process, and the system can be made available over your corporate Intranet or over the Internet if required.

The user friendly CLIM8.NET is fully compatible with all other versions of CLIM8, meaning you can keep some users on the desktop version and have other users using the browser version if required.

The following modules are currently available in CLIM8.NET - more will follow shortly: 

    Orange Bullet Point Web based CLIM8 DMS - Document Association (FREE)
The document management systems provides extra security and complete control over your company’s valuable documents and makes it easy to create document templates that automatically inputs your customers information.

    Orange Bullet Point Web based CLIM8 Reports (FREE)
Even beginners can gather report results in a matter of minutes, not hours, with the powerful CLIM8 Reports. Quickly access and report on any information with this easy to use software that simplifies the process of retrieving information from your CLIM8 database.

    Orange Bullet Point Web based CLIM8 Tasks (FREE)
Improve your professional and personal efficiency, productivity and ensure smooth operations with the easy to use CLIM8 Task Manager. This personal organiser will increase workflow management and develop coordination amongst the team through the creation and execution of tasks.

    Orange Bullet Point Web based CLIM8 Diary Manager.NET (FREE)
The Diary Manager.NET module enables you to manage the diaries, not only of all the people at your organisation, but also of any rooms and any other bookable resources online.

    Orange Bullet Point Web based CLIM8 Project Manager.NET
Our online version of CLIM8 Project Manager to enable you to track, manage and control all your project information while out of the office, and on site.

We understand that the security of your customer information is a high concern to many businesses. Therefore, CLIM8.NET will have the same very high levels of security ranging from user groups to a single field level security you have implemented on your CLIM8 CRM.

Customising and tailoring your Web-based CRM Software
CLIM8.NET is an addition to your CLIM8 CRM, therefore it will already have all the customisation you have created within your CLIM8 database (such as additional fields and tabs). However, with the online version you can customise this software one step further. With user definable style sheets you can easily create and change the look and feel of the application so it matches with your brand identification and style. 

Beyond the additional CRM modules we use to tailor your CRM Software, we can also provide bespoke CRM module development to meet your individual needs.

CLIM8.NET Features

    Orange Bullet Point All the benefits and features of CLIM8 plus...
    Orange Bullet Point Increase access to your CLIM8 information
    Orange Bullet Point Real time customer information
    Orange Bullet Point No extra training
    Orange Bullet Point No installation process
    Orange Bullet Point Available over Internet or you organisations internal Intranet
    Orange Bullet Point Fully integrated with CLIM8
    Orange Bullet Point High levels of security
    Orange Bullet Point Role based security
    Orange Bullet Point Field level security
    Orange Bullet Point Easily change the look of the software


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CLIM8 is an easy to use on-premise CRM System, Customer Relationship Management System, which can be tailored to your business to ensure the CRM System works for your individual needs and gives users full control and a true 360 degree view of your customers.

CLIM8 CRM Software

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