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CRM & SMS Texting Integration

SMS & CRM Integration

With this new integration it has never been easier to open a new communication channel with your contacts with CRM & SMS integration to send mass or 1 to 1 personalised text messages.

SMS, also known as text services, are quickly becoming an increasingly appealing way to contact your customers and general contacts (Even the BBC note that text messaging is weathering the recession - click here).

Perhaps you want to send them some news, a reminder of a special offer or event, or you may even want to integrate it into your prospect chain.


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PPD Computing has provided CRM solutions to make it easier for you to build and maintain strong relationships with your contacts. SMS texting gives you another communication channel to distribute your latest news, information offers, promotions and other marketing material direct to your contacts mobile phone

160 Characters:
This 160 characters is enough to tell you that Britons send over 2bn texts a week and over 94% of all text messages are read, what other medium has this result?

SMS & CRM Integration Features:

SMS CRM Integration   Send text to an individual
Just want to send a one off text? Or let somebody know their product is on its way - you can send a text directly to their mobile phone from their contact details screen.

Bulk SMS CRM Integration

  Send bulk texts
What about if you want to send out bulk texts to your subscribers letting them know of the latest offer or news from your company - we have that covered too!

SMS CRM Report Results Integration

  Send texts from CLIM8 Report
Use CLIM8 Reports to create a very targeted list of contacts to send a tailored text message to - for example, to upgrade people from bronze to silver package

Schedule SMS from CRM Integration

  Sending options including send at specific date and time
Don't want to release your latest news just yet - how about schedule it to go on a set date or time, or even send a birthday message by using a date stored in your CRM Software

Some ways businesses are using SMS:
Doctors / Dentist   Send out notifications and reminders of upcoming appointment dates and times to minimise on cancelled and missed appointments
Car Dealership   You have a lot of options available to you such as car ready for pick-up, reminder of MOT, marketing material such as new model information and even information about new cars when their current finance is coming to an end
Hotels   Send out promotional offers to guest. This has been tried by the Hilton with a 10-25% increase in rooms rented due to the SMS.
Networking   Texts people to let them know if the meetings have been cancelled, moved or if any new groups are starting in their local area.
Nightclub Owners   Another cost effective method of getting more people through the door. Some owners have started to send texts direct to people a few days before and / or on the day of a special event. Some have even taken it a step further and introduced an offer with the text such as "free entry before..." or "free drink..." by showing this text

Barack Obama Mobile Campaign:
At the start of this year (Jan 7th 2009) Kate Linthicum interview Scott Goodstein (Barack Obama's Text Guru) in the Los Angels Times. Goodstein was in charge of the whole mobile operation which had over 1 million subscribed. He says the “challenge for organizations moving forward is to figure out how much information supporters want and where they want that information. Do they want it on their phone. Do they want it from their Facebook account. Do they want it on e-mail?

Let’s say Barack is appearing on a late-night TV show. If you send it by e-mail, by the time people check their e-mail, the show could be over. Different types of announcements now warrant different types of communications.” They also used text messages to let people know if the polls were going to be kept open later due to weather conditions and with over a million people.

Goodstein goes on to say that mobile is “one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. And with the decline of TV viewership audiences, I think it’s a must for campaigns to be using mobile technology. It’s the only device that’s truly with people for 15 to 24 hours a day” Goodstein also talked about the length available in one text message (160 characters). “It definitely has its limits. That being said, it’s an amazing tool to send direct action alerts. And in roughly two sentences you can actually say quite a bit.”

New media and the Internet and text-messaging all have millions of people communicating in unique ways, and I don’t think it’s going to be going anywhere for a very long time.

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