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We provide flexibility and user-friendliness that makes analysis of any data easy. Even beginners can gather report results in a matter of minutes, not hours, with the powerful CLIM8.NET Reports. Quickly access and report on any information with this easy to use software that simplifies the process of retrieving information from CLIM8.
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During the trial and demo stage we will tailor your report templates that will provide time efficiency and maximum benefit to the user and the company. We will also show you how to easily create personalised user defined reports and templates with the CLIM8 Report Builder.

Web Based CRM Reports:

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Report on Any information

Report on ANY information in your CRM Software
What ever information you are recording - you can report on, from all contacts within a postcode range, to all MD's, even all CRM Software Developers inside Yorkshire

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Report on Any information

Real Time Reports in Minutes
Reports that used to take hours now take minutes real time CRM reports

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Interaction Reports

Interaction Reports
Report on all interactions you have with your contacts, to find who you have been talking to and who you haven't

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Diary Reports

Diary Reports
Want to know how much mileage you have done? How many meetings you have had this month? Diary reports have it covered.

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Email Campaigns

Create Email Campaigns from Report Results
Use your reports to find targeted contacts and use that information to send them a tailored HTML email

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Create Telemarketing Campaigns

Create Telemarketing Campaigns from Report Results
Easily create very targeted telemarketing campaigns with the help of CLIM8 Reports

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Export to Excel

Export Report Results to Excel
Excel integration to enable you to download any report results straight to Microsoft Excel

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Create Tasks from Reports

Create Tasks from Report Results
Create CLIM8 Tasks for every contact who has matched your report questions.

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Set Fields from Reports

Set Fields from Report Results
Easily set the same information for multiple fields for different contacts with this easy to use function

CLIM8 CRM Reports - Reporting Security

High Levels of Security on Reports and Report Folders
Set who can see specific report folders and their access for each report, from creating and editing to run only or no access

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