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Web based CRM Task Management

Improve your professional and personal efficiency, productivity and ensure smooth operations with the easy to use CLIM8 Task Manager. This personal organiser will increase workflow management and develop coordination amongst the team through the creation and execution of tasks.
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Ensure complete team organisation and collaboration whether you are working from office or remotely

Tasks can be assigned to you, other individuals, and groups to give a clear idea of the time required, status, and task deadline to make sure you capitalize on sale opportunities through attending appointments, events, following up on client interactions and managing your day-to-day activates.

Web Based CRM Tasks and Daily Responsibilities:

CRM Tasks Management - Easy to Use Tasks

Easy to use Task Management
Benefit from improved organisation, efficiency and productivity by utilising CLIM8 Tasks

CRM Tasks Management - Tasks for Other Users

Create Tasks for other Users
Pass on messages, and tasks for other users to ensure all call backs and daily responsibilities are completed

CRM Tasks Management - User Group Tasks

User Group Tasks
Need support to call back a contact? Set a Group Task but soon as one user does it its removed from all

CRM Tasks Management - Assigned Diary Tasks

Dairy Tasks
Set Diary Tasks to ensure all your paperwork, rooms, and resources are ready.

CRM Tasks Management - Easy to Use Tasks

Contact Tasks
Link tasks to contacts to get quick access to their contact details

CRM Tasks Management - Tast Maintenance Customisable Task Statuses

Customise & Set Different Task Statuses
Is it a follow-up? How about Support Task? Or simply has it been completed - you decide

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