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Web Based CRM Telemarketing Campaign Manager

Marketing Campaign Management Software - Telemarketing Software - Call Center

The built-in Campaign Manager makes it easy for you set up and carry out very targeted marketing campaigns. Fully integrated with the CLIM8 database you can quickly and easily isolate contacts and turn them into customers.

You don't need to be a technical wizard to get the most from this software solution; CLIM8.NET Campaign Manager software is developed with usability in mind.

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Web based Telemarketing Software Features:

Web based Telemarketing Software - Unlimited Telemarketing Campaigns


Unlimited Campaigns
Create, manage and execute an unlimited number of campaigns

Web based Telemarketing Software - Multiple Users on Same campaign


Multiple users – same campaign – No problem
With automated user block to ensure 2 campaigns records are not simultaneously open you can have multiple users working on a single campaign at any one time.

Web based Telemarketing Software - Click to Dial  

Click to Dial
Integrate CLIM8 Click to Dial and benefit from 1 click calling and ensure smooth operations and increased time effeciency. read more >

Web based Telemarketing Software - Option
            Call Log

  Record and read past Campaign call history and outcomes
Easily record the outcome and notes of a call. Current Campaign Notes will be shown when you call back the contact

Web based
            Telemarketing Software - Available Action - Create Diary
            booking from
            Telemarketing Campaign


Set available actions
Set available actions such as create task and create new diary booking directly from the campaign screen. read more >

Web based Telemarketing Software - FAQ and Basic Scripts


FAQ / Basic Scripts
Create and manage Campaign specific FAQs or Basic Scripts for users on the campaign. read more >

Web based Telemarketing Software - Campaign Reports


Campaign Reporting
Report on any aspect of a Campaign from the outcome of the call, to the actions and success of a User through multiple campaigns. read more >

Web based Telemarketing Software - Real Time information Real Time offers


Make relevant and personalized real-time offers using Real time information
Use and update real time information through the integration with your CLIM8 CRM

Web based Telemarketing Software - Import from CSV Excel


Import campaign from csv (Excel
Buying data? Information checking? Simply upload the file into the campaign and start work straight away. read more >

Web based Telemarketing Software - Multiple Levels of Security


Multiple levels of security on campaigns
Easily create different high levels of security to ensure only certain members of your team can access or update a campaigns.

Easily Create & Build Targeted Campaigns
You can easily create multiple highly targeted campaigns using the fully integrated custom definable reporting feature; for example you could target any customer who has had contact with you in the last 6 months, who has over 11 employees, who has shown an interest in product "X" whose office is within a certain postcode.

Campaign Reporting
With the integration CLIM8 Reports and the Campaign Call Log reporting on your Campaigns has never be easier. you can report on any aspect of a Campaign from the outcome of the call to the actions and success of a User through multiple campaigns.

Information Checking? Buying Lists? Or Importing data?
The Campaign manager can be used to check the data you have purchased before importing that information into your CRM Software. By uploading the file into the Campaign Manager (from .CSV file- Excel) you can create a campaign where you contact the people within the list to ensure their information is correct.

Click to Dail with TAPI Integration
Increase your staff time efficiency and reduce human error with the Click to Dail TAPI Integration. This enables TAPI users to dial phone numbers from their desktop computer. Users select from a list of provided telephone numbers, click the dial button, and the call is initiated by the phone system.

FAQ / Basic Scripts
As this Campaign Manager Module is used for telemarketing more and more we have added in the functionality to set FAQ and basic scripts. These are shown on the right hand side of the Contacts information and give the Users quick access to answers of common questions. They have hover over the question to view the answer or click the link to open the answer in a new screen. This can also be used to populate an opening script for the User.

Set Available Actions such as Tasks and Diary Bookings from a Campaign
Set available Campaign Actions for a Campaign to make it easier for the Users to create and store further information or actions. Just some of the default options include:

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  Setting tasks to ensure you always call back the contact

Orange Bullet Point

  Set diary bookings – book your diary and / or other user's diary

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