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Our Approach

We appreciate that each client we work with has different requirements and challenges to overcome. Our unique one-to-one approach ensures we always take time to listen and work with you on an individual basis to understand your business, the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve. This means we can gain an insight into your business, and analyse your specific needs before making any recommendations or developing a tailored solution.

We believe the key to a successful and easy implementation is to keep it simple, do things in a logical order, and check everything in a ‘test environment’ first, and only moving to a live environment when everything is proven and users are sufficiently trained. We provide complete and tailored training for all solutions and keep a close continuous working partnership to ensure you are always enjoying the maximum benefits.

We will assign one of our Directors as a Project Manager to personally manage your solution, from the initial meeting to the implementation of the solution, with Peter Walters our Managing Director always on hand when needed.  We also advise that you assign a Project Manager to ensure consistency and knowledge within the close working partnership,

Based on past experiences we would see the cycle of events leading to implementation to follow the following pattern. It should be noted that the stages below are only a guide to highlight the key milestones in the implementation.

1. Initial Meetings
      These no obligation friendly meetings are used for us to begin our relationship. We listen to your challenges, needs and objectives. We can then discuss our recommendations and what solutions we can offer, or develop, that will meet your requirements exactly.

2. Existing Data?
      To minimise the potential disruption to your business we can develop the techniques and rules to populate any existing data into CLIM8; and save these ‘rules’ as a profile for subsequent exercises. We then use this profile to create the test database. This test database will then contain recognisable data for your employees, and helps to generate ownership of the solution.

3. Hardware Requirements
      As our solutions have multiple delivery options, such as the Internet, Intranet and / or on your local network, we take time to visit your site and access your current hardware environment. This helps us form our recommendation on how best to install your solution.

4. Test Environment
      We establish a test environment for your solution. This shows you that the solution is fully operational on your hardware environment and makes the solution available for demonstration, training and testing. This gives you and your employee’s time to use and become familiar with the complete functionality of your solution without any consequences.
5. Training
      We use the save profile of your data (step 2) to train the ‘trainers’ on all areas of your solution.  This is a process where we train designated members of your organisation with the complete functionality of your solution. This allows our clients to gain experience with the solution and with their data, in a real environment and with real situations. This also ensures you have experienced and knowledgeable administrators onsite to assist with any minor questions or queries that may occur, and the knowledge to train other employees with their specific needs. This means that minimal time is used on training, and employee training can be more precise and tailored to the needs of the user. We will continue to train employees as the environment and solution may evolve to meet your changing requirements.

6. Live Solution

      Once you have become familiar and confident with your test environment, we will then perform a final data migration to your live environment and roll it out to all the applicable users.

7. Continuous Support
       When you work with PPD Computing our relationship does not stop with installation. We are committed to keeping a close working partnership with our clients to ensure that we are always close when you need us and you are always aware of the benefits that are on offer. This continuous support allows you to easily access our wealth of experience and knowledge, and means you are only a phone call away from the answer to any of your questions or queries.


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