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Talk Results Ltd Testimonial

Talk Results (www.talkresults.co.uk) offer a new approach to tele-marketing for whatever you require from leads generation to appointment making or data cleansing. With over 70 years of tele-marketing experience they know how to establish the client need in every call without any hard sell, as they understand that each business and person are different.

The Challenge
Talk results needed a CRM solution that would suit their telemarketing company and help them move away from multiple, and confusing, excel spreadsheets. It was essential that the software could easily manage multiple campaigns with many users, and more importantly easy to understand and use. They also needed a quick way of recording call logs and the outcome of the call and store this against the clients record. As this information would then be passed onto their client, it also became aware that they could need an easy way of reporting out this information so they could pass on qualified leads and other details such as amount of people called to their client.

The Solution
After talking with Talk Results we were able to offer a solution that suited all their needs at a very very cost effective price, compared to other quotes they received. Our Hosted CRM software already had the ability to manage multiple telemarketing campaigns with many users as well as recording the outcome against the client.  The reporting aspect of the solution also helped them highlight specific campaigns, specific outcomes as well as user input. This has enabled them to quickly and easily create detailed reports to send to their clients.

Our integrated data import module also helped them import the client information their clients sent to them on excel into the CRM software so help them save time and in a matter of a few minutes this data could be in the CRM software, in a campaign and being used by their employees.


The CRM covers all my needs for telemarketing. Also the affordability and price structure means that I have been able to expand my staff and grow my business. The customer service support is higher than any CRM company I have spoken to and my staff quickly picked up how to use the system as it is easy to use for even the worst technophobe!"

Felicity Kemp

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